Today is Thursday.  It is a fiercely windy and bitter day in Dublin’s southside. A crispy ear, runny nose, sort of a day.

Just back from a Parents’ Council meeting.  I am the Chairperson of the Council in my son’s school. We got lots covered, fund raising sorted for the remainder of the year and looking forward to organising the schools first ever Prom night for the 6th class leaving the primary education. Caterer confirmed for the event, just a note to draft and some funding to seek!

I also have some ironing to do. Got a new ironing board as the old one, about 10+ years old needs to hit the recycling centre.  I do wonder though whether or not to keep it, upcycle it….. Hmmm, maybe best to dump it, no room in the house for it, needs must etc.

I also have to newly set concrete lampshades to prise out of their molds, make a third and well, it will get back to you later on that one!

Should I be posting pictures? Can I post pictures. “Featured image” to my right.  Ok, will post a pic and see how that goes.

So, back to the Plan!


To your right, you will see a picture of our bed. It is quite large and weighs a bloody tonne! To the right of that are our wardrobes, partly primed. Clearly I got distracted here!! Those wardrobes used to house our hot water tank but thankfully since we got our new combi boiler, we got rid of the copper tank leaving us with more room and indeed more options.

I might add that I did not throw out the copper tank because as soon as I saw it, in it’s full glory, 3 upcycling projects came to mind.  1. a reading chair for my boys. 2. a beautiful dome pendant light shade and 3. yet another pendant light. I have started on these but alas, space restrictions in my back yard have called a halt to that. (Fingers crossed I secure a workshop, work in progress).

Ok so. My thoughts were, in order to maximise the small space that is our bedroom, I thought of making a Murphy bed that would fold away neatly into our wardrobe space. Having that done (in my mind, of course).  Oh yes, a Murphy bed is a foldaway bed, for those of you that didn’t know and I’m sure they go by many names.

Sell our bed frame, if I get the workshop, take it down there, paint it, then sell it. Recycle the mattress and buy a new memory foam mattress.  The mattress we have currently would kill you stone dead should you have the mishap of getting trapped underneath it. The lighter the mattress, the easier it would be to open and close.

My best buddie had paid a visit in November.  She having spent the last two years arsing around the world! (not actually arsing but more exploring. Arsing in my book, borne out of pure jealousy and envy!) Was relaying my plans to her when she suggested using scaffolding poles and to make a high bed. BINGO I thought and perfect for our space.

We could sleep up high, make a storage bench underneath, go all industrial looking etc., be able to keep the wardrobe space, make the internals work for us, perhaps extend it to the right where we currently have a chest of drawers.  Make that side wall a complete storage heaven. I can see it all now!

I know that we have the original wooden floorboards under the lino. Hoping that they are in good nick, give them a belt of a sander, seal them and BANG, new floor!

Then the issue of the walls popped into my head.  I don’t know about anybody else but the walls in our house are shite, to say they least. We have the original red brick, on top of that is a mixture of sand and very small stones. This is about 5-6cm deep. There is wallpaper then on top of that.

Strip the wallpaper first and foremost. Then what to do with the walls……?

I love paint and I love COLOUR! I also love wood and having quite successfully (my first ever attempt) clad our bathroom walls in pallet timber, thought that this might look cool on the wall that we share with next door.  Now luckily (or not so luckily, as we have had issue upon issue with next door, another story, another day) next-door has been empty for 8 years now. Two brothers fighting over the Will! On the occasion that somebody has been in there, I have come to realise that the walls are quite thin and did think, one morning, that somebody was walking up the stairs to greet me in my bed (picture the movie, With Nail & I when the two lads have gone to bed & they hear somebody coming up the stairs!) I froze but soon realised what was going on.

Anyway. Jaysus I’m skint (cold, for you non Irish folk!)

Where was I? Oh yes. I reckon it would not be a bad idea to insulate the party wall. Our room can get a bit nippy and huzzbint heat is a must!

Insulate that wall, no need to strip wallpaper then. Either paint it, in a bright colour or clad the entire wall in pallet timber. I’m thinking that the steel of the scaffolding would look great against the rustic timber but then, between the insulation and the timber, would I be loosing too much space? That aside, and I reckon I may go with the timber.  What do I do with the other two walls? Given that the new bed will come right up to the left hand side of the window, even perhaps cover some of the window, I reckon the best thing to do there would be to just paint it.  If I do that, then the opposite wall could be painted in the same colour. Would that work? Would it make the room feel bigger or bring it more into itself? If the colour is bright, surely it will make the room appear longer/wider?

The opposite wall to the window poses problems.  It is a stud wall, our boys bedroom being on the opposite side. It’s a shite wall, being honest with you.  It is made up of thin strips of wood weaved in and out. It then has that stoney/sandy mix over it. It’s a disastrous wall to try and hang anything off. QUESTION: Do we take down that wall and make a proper stud wall or do we throw up another sheet of plasterboard and try to strengthen it that way?! All or any suggestions greatly accepted!

The radiator needs to come off that wall too as it is just about hanging on.  It’s old and needs to be replaced. We shall say that the wall is sorted, we just need to tackle some plumping which will have to be done before we sand the floor, laying new pipes etc. We can do that, if it doesn’t leak, you’re sorted!

Walls, floor, plumbing, painting, sorted.


This is the fun bit. I do really enjoy all the other bits but when it finally, and I mean finally, gets to that stage, you know the end is near and your hard work and efforts can be appreciated and admired!

Because our bedroom has so many demands we need to be super clever with our storage. Because our room is so small, we need to utilise it’s high ceiling and the space that generally goes unused. We are good at that in our house. Our house is a storage challenge and we have become adept and using every inch of space whilst keeping the idea of space alive.

At this point I know that my mind will be buzzing with upcycling ideas. It is already but I do have to reel myself in and think practically.

I have lots of runners (trainers to you non Irish folk). I don’t wear 99% of them because I cannot get at them. My thoughts on this……. to follow!

Time to feed the troops here.  Shall chat with you tomorrow folks.TTFN




So, here it goes, I am taking on the blogging world. Why, well because everybody else seems to be doing it and I hate to be left out.  I may fall flat on my arse or you just might actually like reading what I write, so here goes!

To bring you all up to speed and so that we don’t fall out from the very beginning, perhaps I should outline one or two things!

1. I’m Irish.  We curse. I curse, an awful lot.  Not in an aggressive way, as an adjective, a way of being descriptive, bringing words and situations to life!

2. My spelling will be wrong. My grammer, well, it’s been a while since I was in school.

3. I digress a lot, but I will, eventually, get back to my original point.

4. I am by no means a professional at anything but I try dam hard at doing the best that I can.

5. I see potential in the ugly and unusual. I can think outside the box. I see the finished product but also wonder how the hell I am going to get there!

6. I make mistakes, a lot. I also feel that mistakes are important and very necessary.  I learn from each mistake.  My mistakes force me to try and tackle my problem from a different angle or indeed start again, hard as that is, mistakes become rewards!

7. I’m inspired and curious by nature, shapes, reflections and colour. I take joy in being able to use discarded items, be it metal, plastic, glass or timber. Stripping, painting, melting, shaping, cursing, bleeding, smiling!

8. I have an English husband, nuff said!

9. Two boys. Euan, our first born nearly 8 and Alexander, well, Alexander, he keeps us on our toes and is nearly 3 and there will be no more! My two boys with their beautiful innocent, playful minds, ripe for fuelling with the importance of upcyclying, creating, re-creating, treasuring and valuing the important things in life, sustaining the health and longevity of their world for their health and the longevity of our gene pool, blah, blah, blah!!

So there you go.  I’m sure I shall share pearls of wisdom and whopping failures with you as I/we take this journey, together, I hope.

So, what am I up to at the moment?

Well, mentally, my mind is a buzz.  I’m in a bit of a quandary.  I live in a two up, two down terraced house. Its lovely, I love it.  Our house is over 100 years old and we have done so much work to it. It is still a work in progress with only one room left to give the TYHT (TurnYourHandTo) makeover, that being our room. (See, I’m digressing!!).

You see we have a massive king size bed in the room that you have to shimmy around. We have random storage that does not work. Different styles, not so functional, inadequate lighting, wood chip wallpaper, on the ceiling! Lino on the floor and a dodgy radiator. Its annoying me, to say the least.  I have wanted to get going on it for so long and now I can, I HAVE A PLAN!

MY PLAN, to be continued…….